Freeway Medical - BIFM Award Winner 2012

Winner of the BIFM Awards 2012 – Innovation in Products category

Freeway Medical are proud to say that working in close partnership with MTS ( managed Technology Services) and with the Chelsea and Westminster Foundation NHS Trust that we were awarded the prestigious 2012 BIFM- innovation in products award for product development in Neonatal point of care equipment design.

BIFM Awards Dinner 2012
BIFM Awards Dinner 2012

A full description of the product: Paediatric Mobile Chart Workstation:
This product was designed in conjunction with MTS and the Chelsea and Westminster Foundation NHS Trust to fulfil the requirements of the clinical and non clinical teams working in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and the Paediatric High Dependency Unit (HDU) for the benefit of the patients and the staff alike.


MTS realised that the Trust required a specialised Paediatric Mobile Chart Workstation to provide clinical storage and charting facilities. The Trust team also required a specific configuration of the dispensers for gloves, aprons and gel, combined within a single work station that would also provide easy to clean enclosed storage, collapsible work surfaces that could be put into position when needed, and taken away quickly when not, to save critical space, and provide point of care charting and observation for each patient bed.

The Trust also requested that the chart workstation be non-clinical in its image for specific use in the Chelsea Children’s Hospital and to be less adult and clinical in its appearance. Colour was also the key. This meant a review of all options available on the market as no such product existed.

FW1119 Multi
FW1119 Multi

How successful it has proven to be:
The requirement of creating a functional device taking the clinical feeling away has been achieved.
FW1119_Multi-Colour in Ward
FW1119 Multi-Colour in Ward

Why the product was needed or how it evolved:
This Product evolved out of the requirement to find a cost effective solution to provide a child friendly workstation which also provided the correct features for the clinical staff to obtain maximum efficiency.

How the performance of the product is measured:
The performance of this product would be measured by the saving in procuring other multiple items around the room, the increased space within the room for clinical and non- clinical staff to move around efficiently, flexibility to move these to other rooms and areas of the building saving further build costs for cabinetry. The Health and safety along with infection control teams have all given their seal of approval.
Health and safety along with infection control have all given their seal of approval.

How the product development was initiated, who was involved in the process, and how long it took from conception to completion:

The product development was initiated as a result of the clinical teams and MTS understanding the requirements and MTS working with Freeway Medical to develop a custom layout colour based child friendly station. We adapted an existing model by adding the required features and discussing in detail the manufacturing techniques to ensure colour types and product finish to ensure control of infection compliance.
The whole process took from October 2011 – February 2012. The product was installed in February 2012

Details of any professional advisory teams used in constructing or in the delivery of the product:


The team consisted of the Trust PICU team, MTS and our key designers at Freeway to work closely alongside one another to deliver the Trust version.


Thank You:

Freeway Medical would like to thank everyone involved in the processes outlined above for their involvement, especially MTS for their commitment to product excellence, and going beyond the normal boundaries of product selection to deliver a product that did not exist before their involvement, and are very grateful for everyone’s time spent in the process, and we at Freeway have been left feeling very grateful for the experience to work on a project like this to improve both Staff and patient environments alike.

Managed Technology Services (MTS)