Colour Service

Colour coding your ward and how it could help you.

Any equipment can be colour coded to easily identify it for a specific purpose or location. You can have a selected colour for each bed space, each ward or perhaps even to denote the items being stored on a particular trolley.

It has been very popular to colour code certain wards so that if a piece of equipment is moved it is instantly recognisable that it belongs to that ward. Colours can even be used to denote trolleys that are used solely in side rooms etc.

Each colour is as durable as any other so each trolley is as easy to clean and will last as long as any other.

*Colours are for illustrative purpuse only. Many more available on request.

See below for an example of our custom paint applications
Pink Bedside Locker

Our bedside locker painted in crisp white with bright pink detailing.

White Bedside Locker

Our bedside locker painted in a softer creamy white for a more traditional look.