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FW9059 - Rail Mounted Stainless Steel IV Pole & Holder



Width: 305mm

Height: 1040mm

Depth: 90mm

Special features:

Rail Mounted IV Pole Holder & Stainless Steel IV Pole – to provide a height adjustable, coated in White Nylon modified Polyester, the unit simply mounts to the Universal Medical rail standard using a Universal Rail clamp, on either the left or the right hand side of the unit.  Unit supplied complete with 12.5mm Stainless Steel IV pole, with 2 x IV hooks.

 Can be repositioned by the user to suit their preference.

Designed to be easy to clean, and can be moved front or back of the unit as well as side to side.
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FW9059 - Rail Mounted Stainless Steel IV Pole & Holder,,
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