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FW6000B Drugs Distribution Trolley



Width: 900mm

Height: 980mm

Depth: 499mm


Choose any colour at no extra charge...

Choose any colour at no extra charge...

Special features:

Freeway Custom Dispensing Cart 900*(w) x 499(d) x 980(h)mm .  Coated in white nylon modified polyester, plus 1 special colour for the internal storage areas ,( * work top width only – excludes handles)  complete with:


- 4 x 100mm Easy clean castors (2 x braked)


- LOCKING Secure Twin Lids that hinge on the both sides of the cart that secure all colour coded lower contents  to form secure work surfaces when open- each approximately 350mm x 500mm in size with stainless steel preparation surfaces on the inside.


- On the Top Surface of the unit there is:-

- 5 x Removable 130mm wide Dispensing Holders – these are top mounted and sit front to back in the frame providing 225mm depth and 490mm length of storage, this area can be sub divided with adjustable divider sets that are included free of charge below, each divider has space for a clear drugs label.


- Each of the 5 units is individually coloured to provide a simple and easy to configure ( self managed) storage system that is easily identifiable.


- 5 x Sliding 120mm wide Dispensing holder – these units sit on top of the 130mm dispenser units, and take up 50% of the 490mm length, and slide easily on top rails, allowing the user greater space per section and easy access to the low sections.


- Taller drugs bottles can then still sit on the lower section without affecting the upper. The upper section are also sub divided using the same divider sets
- The Sliding sections can also be lifted out easily for total access and deep cleaning.


- 2 x lengths ANODISED ALUMINIUM UNIVERSAL MEDICAL RAIL mounted on the left and right hand side of the Vari – Cart which can accept a wide range of hook over accessories and existing equipment fitted with universal rail clamps. Spaced 25.4mm from the chassis.


- Freeway Handle – This can be added to any frame to provide a handle on the LEFT hand side.
- Freeway Handle – This can be added to any frame to provide a handle on the RIGHT hand side.


- Freeway Keyless Locking Facility to provide secure locking facilities to ALL 5 x Dispensing area.
- The lock is completely keyless and is programmable using a very simple and quick process to allow the user to change the everyday codes, when required.
- The lock is also “pre-programmed” with a Management code, allowing senior staff access even if the user code is forgotten or accidently re-programmed, so access can always be gained.
- Battery life cycles are every 15,000 operations, and then the low battery warning light will operate for a further 250 operations to let you know the battery requires replacement.
- If the battery fails completely, there is a external safety feature that allows you to open the lock manually using a key override.
Freeway Medical can provide a Lock programming service so that the lockers arrive on site with the correct codes ready to use, simply please inform us at the time of order of the following:-

4 digit - USER CODE: - ( Example 1 2 3 4 )

8 digit – WARD MANAGER CODE: - ( Example 22 33 44 55 )

8 digit – MASTER CODE: - ( Example 99 88 77 66 )


- 5 X SETS Adjustable Drawer dividers to suit the FW6000 Internal trays. These would divide the Top and bottom spaces into Multiple adjustable sections. Coated in WHITE nylon modified polyester.
Allows for each individual colored section to be supplied with 7 of their own divider sets per section.


- Bottom Storage Shelf 630(w) x 430(d) x 155(h)mm. Coated in white nylon modified polyester.
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