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FW - EPR Cart (Electronic Patient Records)



Width: 600mm

Height: 980mm

Depth: 490mm


Choose any colour at no extra charge.....

Choose any colour at no extra charge...

Special features:
Freeway Custom Computer-Station 600*(w) x 490(d) x 980(h)mm. Complete with:


- 4 x 100mm Easy clean 2 x braked castors

- Completely flat underside for easy cleaning and reduces areas where dirt can become trapped.


- Easy clean External construction with rounded corners design to provide a smoother to wipe external surface coated in a colour of your choice at no extra cost.


- TRESPA Insert Side panels for extreme durability, the unit has TRESPA in medical white on each side of the cart.


- TRESPA Upper work surface – is manufactured from medical grade TRESPA compact work top, this provides a very durable and easy to clean surface, and measures 600mm wide x 490mm deep with a smooth bull nosed safe edge and 4 x Smooth radius corners for safety.


- Flexible height storage area that can be accessed from both the front and back faces of the unit.


- The storage area is also internally curved to minimize the difficult to clean areas, the storage area also runs edge to edge to allow the area to be wiped front to back with no lips to harbor dirt.


- On the front face of the unit there is:-
- 5 x 120mm deep drawers – NON LOCKING
- 1 x 240mm deep drawer – NON LOCKING
- All drawers operate on exceptional quality ball race drawer runners offering full extension and smooth operation.
- All drawers are internally curved on 2 sides to make cleaning easier, as well as being removable.
- The drawer face is to be manufactured from White medical grade TRESPA compact to provide an exceptionally durable surface, that is easy to clean, complete with a small recessed handle hole for easy access.
- TRESPA drawer fronts are also replaceable individually.


- 2 x Lengths of Universal Medical Rail – 1 per side – spaced 25.4mm from the chassis.


- Full height TRESPA Door to Rear Access to storage area the trolley the unit can accessed from the rear face, via an access door, this door is full height, allowing easy access to the open rear drawer area.
- The storage area is also internally curved to minimize the difficult to clean areas, the storage area also runs edge to edge to allow the area to be wiped front to back with no lips to harbor dirt. 

- Secure facilities to accommodate a “User Supplied Laptop” CPU. This would be mounted on the REAR end of the units, below the work surface.
- Above the lockable facility would be an enclosed cable Grommet to feed cable to the upper work surface and monitor system.


- Above the work surface would be an adjustable mount to hold an LCD display.


- 1x Easy Breakaway Data Connections. RJ45 sockets secured into the rear side of the FW600 Cabinet, supplied with prewired RJ45 extensions and Cat 5e cables for connection to the CPU unit.


- 1 x Special quick release RJ45 couplers will be provided ( 1 per unit) as free issue to your own data technicians to fit up.




- 4 gang earth bonded electrical socket to power the care view System within the lockable facility.
- Primary Earth bonded wire from the 4 gang adapter secured into the frame.
- Laptop Securing position on the rear door, allowing easy access to the Laptop when open, with perforated shelf to allow ample airflow.


- The Ultra 500 series of mounting solutions for LCD monitors provides a minimum of 100mm built in height adjustment, tilt and 180° of rotation. Available here in single extended 280mm (11") arm providing up to 360mm of extension from the pole.
- Machined out of billet aluminium with a durable, long lasting powder coat finish, the mount can support monitor configuration weights up to 8.16kg. Cables are managed internally on the underside of extension arms.
- Unique Delrin bearing system provides smooth motion and longevity.
- All Ultra 500 LCD monitor mounting solutions are hand assembled and engineered to highest specifications to ensure product quality. This makes them ideal in medical (including dental) environments.
- All available configurations in this series can be cleaned with hospital grade cleaning solutions up to 10,000 parts bleach per 1,000,000.
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