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FW3950 Notes Trolley



Width: 612mm

Height: 950mm

Depth: 480mm


Choose any colour at no extra charge...

Choose any colour at no extra charge...

Special features:

Freeway notes trolley (with lockable lid) 612(w) x 480(d) x 950(h)mm. Coated in nylon modified polyester, complete with:


- 4, 75mm castors (2 braked).

- Handle mounted on one side.

- The compartment provides 400mm of pocket filling.



If the OPTIONAL FW3964-30 (30mm wide) Polypropylene folders are selected / used and filled to capacity the user can fit 10 - 12 x 30mm Polypropylene folders with comfortable clearance to access each file – this is a guide only and variation in suspension file contents can affect the total content volume. (Suspended filing pockets not included)


- The lid on the compartment would secure shut on a digital numerical key pad lock. The lock is completely keyless and is programmable using a very simple and quick process to allow the user to change the everyday codes, when required.

- The lock is also “pre-programmed” with a Management code, allowing senior staff access even if the user code is forgotten or accidently re-programmed, so access can always be gained.

- Battery life cycles are every 15,000 operations, and then the low battery warning light will operate for a further 250 operations to let you know the battery requires replacement.

- If the battery fails completely, there is an external safety feature that allows you to manually override the lock with a key, to then change the internal batteries.


- The lid of the notes trolley would double as a work surface.

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