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FW450 Bedside Locker



Width: 490mm

Height: 920mm

Depth: 490mm


Choose any colour at no extra charge...

Choose any colour at no extra charge...

Special features:

Freeway Easy Clean Single Locking Cupboard Bedside locker 490(w) x 490(d) x 920(h)mm Manufactured from steel / TRESPA Hybrid construction, complete with:


- 4 x 75mm Easy clean castors, - 2 x front castors to be braked, 2 x rear castors to be non braked.


- Completely flat underside for easy cleaning and reduces areas where dirt can become trapped.


- Easy clean External construction with rounded corners design to provide a smoother to wipe external surface coated in durable Nylon modified polyester – resistant to Hospital cleaning.


- Upper work surface – is manufactured from -  White - TRESPA compact work top, this provides a very durable and easy to clean surface.


- Lower storage area that can be accessed from both the front and back faces of the unit by 2 doors, the doors are supplied in solid TRESPA, the lower storage area is also internally curved to minimize the difficult to clean areas, the storage area also runs edge to edge to allow the area to be wiped front to back with no lips to harbor dirt.


- Metal storage shelf – highly durable white shelf that can quickly removed for cleaning mounted mid height in the lower unit.


- Easy clean Shelf supports complete with 4 x removable thumb screws, to allow the shelf support bracts to be removed for deep cleaning, coated in durable Nylon modified polyester


- White Contrasting Insert Side panels – 2 x highly durable panels that are inserted into either side of the unit that finish flush with the external metal corner cladding. – Coated in WHITE nylon modified polyester to contrast with the external colour.


- 1 x Full depth Upper storage cupboard, that is separated from the main storage area using an intelligent Metal shelf that cannot be removed when the upper Locking door is closed, but can be easily removed to provide free access to the area for cleaning when open.


- 1 x digital “keyless” lock with a 4 to 8 digit programmable combination, each lock is also programmed with an override code should a combination be forgotten or lost.

The rear access to the Locking cupboard will be provided by 1 x TRESPA door complete with a scallop for access. This door is secured internally so can only be opened once the Locking front door is open.

This door will provide quick and easy access to the rear of the drawers and drawer lozenge for deep cleaning.  Even when this door is open access to either drawers contents is impossible.
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