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FW7000E Room Divider



Width: 1800mm

Height: 1350mm

Depth: 700mm


Q: Do you need to identify your ward equipment or ward areas quickly?

 A: Why not order any colour at no extra charge.....

Special features:

Room Divider Single Sided 1800(w) x 700(d) x 1350(h)mm. Coated in white nylon modified polyester, complete with:-

  • 4, 125mm castors (all braked)
  • 4 buffers, one mounted above each castor.
  • 1 Back board in white melamine
  • 1 x FW7101 Divider work shelf 1725(w) x 500(d)mm
  • 1 x FW7106 Divider drawer unit, 650(w) x 475(d) x 680(h)mm, coated in white nylon modified polyester, complete with:

        3 medium drawers 100(h)mm

        1 deep drawer 336(h)mm

  • 1 x FW7115 Divider cupboard unit 650(w) x 475(d) x 680(h)mm.
  • 1 x FW7116 Small bottom shelf 510(w) x 500(d)mm. Coated in white nylon modified polyester.
  • 1 x FW7111 Divider container storage bracket, coated in white nylon modified polyester, this would be mounted on the back board.
  • 2 x FW2706 Green Plastic Containers - small
  • 2 x FW2707 Green Plastic Containers - large
  • 1 x FW7114 Universal Medical Rail, mounted on the back board.
  • 1 x FW9039 Apron Roll Dispenser, coated in white nylon modified polyester.
  • 1 x FW3010 A4 notes box, coated in white nylon modified polyester.
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